The Introduction

15 Nov

Being an avid reader and a lover of the arts, I was distraught (slight exaggeration) when I realised I hadn’t picked up a book to read in over 6 months. For someone with a track record of at least three 250-paged books a week, you can understand my ‘reaction’.

So, early this year I told myself I’m going to pick up reading in earnest once more. Sadly, the mind has been willing but the body hasn’t (and that’s a load of bull, I’m just a lazy bunny). Finally, I came up with the ‘a book a week’ self challenge. That lasted all of two weeks and I was back to square one. Now I’m re-challenging myself to not only read at least one book a week, but to also do a review on this blog. Let’s see how long I will last with this resolution.

I would not only be reviewing books, I will also do music and movie reviews (if I permit myself) and a few random posts thrown in for good measure.

Hope I can follow through with this. Feel free to read, comment, critique, and recommend other things for review. Thank you.


One Response to “The Introduction”

  1. sailorscout1986 November 29, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    I have just started getting into reading too after a long hiatus. I stopped and started for a while before realising that I may have to retrain my brain into reading again! So I persevered and I’m finding it easier and easier to read at a fast pace again. However, I think the success is largely due to reading books within a certain area of interest to me right now. So maybe this could work for you too – think about what interests or intrigues you at this moment, order a book or two on those topics and geek out a little!

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