What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?

15 Nov

Growing up, the one thing I always wanted was to be a Tech Guru. That has been my longest lasting passion (right next to wanting to draw, which I always thought was innate but apparently it can be acquired, I think I should add that to this list; and playing the violin); and for a neophiliac like me, that’s something short of amazing.

I’ve loved gadgets for as long as I can remember and frankly, I’d rather spend my time in front of my PC than with people. I remember going on a trip with my father and sister when I was about 10, and I was in front of the desktop almost all through the 2 weeks learning to type (I typed the whole bible and then some) and playing Lion King: Simba’s Pride. Good times. Then I went back to school after that holiday and I was the computer guru in my class; finished typing even before my teacher B)

Things pertaining to technology have just a

lways fascinated me but the sad part is that I have no formal education with regards to that. Blame it on bad decisions, succumbing to pressure, and indiscipline on my part.

So you ask what skill I would most like to learn in 2012 and that’s it, I want to be an awesome programmer. The different languages intrigue me; Python, C++, and then I discovered Ruby (on rails) recently and I fell hard. I would have loved to go for classes and get the certifications I crave but in my current financial state, I might have to teach myself, which also sounds like fun. Fingers crossed, I’ll get off my lazy behind and make this happen in 2012.

…we’ll leave the drawing and violin classes for next year’s a post a day challenge maybe?


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